As a photographer, I wanted to look at a different way of offering my services to varied clients in a way that works for them.

Having beautiful photographs that represent not only your products and services but your brand and its values is just the start to attracting the right people.

Having the ability to use your images to their full potential to gain brand awareness and purchases is the next step. 

As your photographer I can not only help create the images you desire, images that will document your business and place value on your brand; I want to engage with you to make sure these images are implemented correctly through your website, social media and advertising.

Which is why I now not only offer photographic services, but also social media management and website advice. I have contacts all around to help get your new website idea or logo brainstorming off the ground, as well as for all your marketing and PR needs.

Lifestyle Shoot for Urbano Village, Styled by Emma Lemke

Lifestyle Shoot for Urbano Village, Styled by Emma Lemke

Photography - Basic pricing

These prices are what I base my quote upon, each quote can be tailored to your individual needs.

1 hour $300 + 8-15* high resolution images included

2 hours $500 + 16-25* high resolution images

3-4 hours $800 + 35-50* high resolution images

6-7 hours $1400 +  60-80* high resolution images 

Custom Pricing available

Prices include:

  • Photography of a space/products already styled/setup

  • Travel to nominated location up to 25km from my home.

  • Basic photo editing and enhancing (Limitations apply).

  • Two week turnaround.

  • Online Folder with access to image download.

  • Licensing for website, social media, PR.

Additional licensing or uncapped image pricing available on request.

*Included images may differ depending on the kind of shoot you are after.


Photography & Styling

For basic package pricing for photographs inclusive of styling by me:

$300 4-8 images

$500 8-12 images

$800 15-30 images

Prices include:

  • Photography of styled products/services (eg. food, flatlays)

  • Shot in my home or free location

  • Basic photo editing and enhancing (Limitations apply).

  • One to two week turnaround.

  • Online Folder with access to image download.

  • Licensing for website, social media, PR.

Additional costs can occur for studio/locations, talent, specialised props/food for use in these photographs, extensive travel or additional image licenses for advertising and promotion.

Alternatively I can suggest a fabulous stylist to assist me on the shoot.


Digital Content Editing + Social Media Management

Integrating my photography services with social media management is the best way to get the most out of your beautiful content that we create together. 

I will cater to your every need, whether you want one post a week to 7 posts a week, or you want to continue posting yourself, but just need some consistency in between posts. Below is just a sample of my pricing:

1 x week $250/month

4x week $850/month

Everyday $1150 /month

Content update (photoshoot) $200/hour

Prices include:

  • Feed curation, Scheduling & Posting

  • Caption, Engagement & Hashtag curation

  • Instagram with automated post to Facebook

  • Monthly Strategy phone call

Extras: EDMs, reporting, Linkedin, blog posts, website assistance

Photography Subscription Service

Is your business constantly updating its product range?

Always in need to fresh photographs to post on social media to show your audience what you are doing?

We can work together on a weekly photographic service to keep your social media, newsletters and blog posts looking fresh and enticing. 

Perfect for a café or shop that are always providing new specials or updating stock.

Prices quoted on request, based on location and frequency.

Brisbane Food Photographer

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