Social Media and website tips

Now what? You have received the link to your images from me. 

We have created some amazing images for your business and I want you to put them to good use! 

The first thing that you should do once you have received your images is to download, and save to several locations. Meaning your computer's hard drive, your dropbox or google drive account, and perhaps an external hard drive that is kept in a fireproof location. 


Make posting to your instagram and facebook a dream by having a dropbox app on your phone and all your images that you want to post in there. An app that I use, called Plann, can even import images straight from your dropbox app and it helps keep your feed looking beautiful, has scheduling functions and a place to save hashtags!

I could go on and on about using Instagram correctly.. but if you want to know more you will have to get in touch!

Blog Posts

I do these for one reason: search engine optimisation. Use those key words! Similar to your hashtags, use keywords to tell people who you are and what you do. So when some one searches "Brisbane ceramic artist" you will pop up in the results!

And post regularly to keep your website google ranking high! Do some googling on it, or get in touch and I can teach you more!

High Res VS. Web Res

The difference between web and high resolution images.

When I say "web resolution" your images are generally a smaller in size, and hold less information which means they are suitable for websites because they won't take too long to upload or slow down your website. Don't worry, they will still look amazing!

"High resolution" or "print resolution" means it is good for printing.. and has a lot of information, therefore taking up more space in your hard drive. I generally only offer this when requested, as I can provide specifically sized images according to its intended usage.

Let me know if you need high resolution and we can talk more about it :)