Just Veg Styled by Albert and Grace

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These gnarly little carrots may not have made it to market if it weren’t for the masterminds behind Just Veg.

We have all heard the term ‘ugly fruit’ thrown around in recent years, and the food waste, before it even hits supermarket shelves is a major issue. Just Veg hated seeing all their delicious carrots going to waste and so, they did something about it.

Enter their range of carrot sticks and shredded carrot, made from the ‘ugly’ carrots - but honestly I wish I could buy carrots like this everyday.

Gen from Just Veg dropped off her delicious carrots to our shoot day at Albert & Grace and we created a variety of tasty scenes!

Cheryl and I are planning another one of these shoots for January, so hit us up if you want a personal alert once final details are confirmed.