Roses in the countryside

I have always put my sense of direction down to the fact that I have always taken in my surroundings on car trips.

I had learnt most of the street names that my family and I frequented, before I even had my learner's licence. 

On roadtrips, preferably in the passenger seat, my eyes are glued to the roadside, seeking large old trees on a hillside, most likely concealing an old homestead. Or perhaps spotting the signs for  towns we bypass, always wondering what Chatsworth or Eureka might just be like...

When I recently hit the granite belt with my Mum in the driver's seat, I became mesmerised with the late spring flowers on the roadside. Diligently, my mother pulled over as we returned past this spot I had seen on our way into Tenterfield where this wild and overgrown rose bush tumbled across abandoned railway tracks..

Tenterfield and The White Cottage

Some towns you drive through, and never spare a thought for them again. Or perhaps just a bland deja vu when next passing through. 

Others, they stick in your mind... and I often find myself fantasising about living in these towns.

Dreaming about which house I would buy and what I could do with the garden - where could I put my chickens and veggie garden?

Sometimes, I think about what I would do for work there.. "maybe even open a shop?" I dream to myself as I walk the main street - It needs to have a beautiful frontage, perhaps even with terrazzo tiles?

I think about what coffee shops would be my favourite and what I might bake for the CWA meeting there...

It had been a long time since I visited Tenterfield, I was only teenager I believe. However there was always something in the back of my mind to visit once again.  

Mum and I had planned to visit the Southern Downs region and stay with our friends in Ballandean late November. Seeing as Tenterfield was only 30 minutes just over the border, we decided we would visit for the afternoon.

Conveniently only a week or two before, I came across a shop named The White Cottage on instagram, and knew we had to visit. 

Upon arrival, it seemed we had stepped across the world into an english cottage garden. We could even hear a blackbird singing. Mandy's shop and nursery, is filled with terracotta pots and plants, as well as a gorgeous selection of vintage and antique furniture and decor. 

There is not much else I can say apart from that we were awestruck and wandered around the garden in some sort of dazed dreamland - and I made a mad dash back to the car for my camera...

Her shop is at 197 East Street, Tenterfield - off the Bruxner Highway. Her shop is also in a beautiful article written and photographed by Annabelle Hickson in this month's Country Style Magazine.