Ivy & Piper Atelier

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I have said this before but will always say it again. I love seeing what a designer does with their own space, with no limitations from a client. Better still - when it has been renovated from scratch.

Elizabeth and Melanie from Ivy & Piper have a uniquely flawlessly bold style, and this space is a perfect representation of that. I photographed the interior, as well as some lifestyle shots of them in the studio.

Spencer Constructions office by CG Design Studio

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I have driven down this road so many times in my life and always admired this little strip of shops and offices and thought how much potential they had with their big glass windows and doors.

It took me until I booked this job for me to even set foot on the corner of this block when I photographed this studio belonging to Spencer Constructions for CG Design studio.

Chris creates such thoughtful spaces and this office space was no exception.