Postcards from Scotland

Edinburgh travel photography

Oh Edinburgh!

This was my third time to this beautiful city and country. However this trip was the first time I truly got to know the place better, and I am glad I did.

The whole trip was planned around a weekend celebrating a family occasion in the countryside town of Peebles. We stayed at Peebles Hydro which was a beautiful place to stay, and spent the Saturday walking with some family to Neidpath Castle along the River Tweed. This is where we stumbled across a field of wildflowers, which made me very happy.

We vowed to spend more time wandering around Edinburgh this visit. So I climbed Arthur's Seat for the first time, we visited the Royal Botanic Gardens for the first time, and we discovered the beauty along the Water of Leith. 

I am hardly the Edinburgh expert but here are a few favourite places we visited and that I recommend:

  • Arthur's Seat - for the most amazing view across Edinburgh and more

  • Stockbridge Kitchen - we went here twice for cake!

  • Water of Leith - a beautiful walk hidden amongst tall trees, with many birds and squirrels.

  • Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden - We loved the student plots

  • Dean Village - A very old part of Edinburgh that was terribly picturesque

  • Circus Lane - Instagram-worthy lane with climbing roses and cute doors


Europe 2016 - Isle of Skye

I had never actually heard of the Isle of Skye until it was mentioned by Jean's Mum that she wanted to take us there during our stay.

I remember looking it up on Google images and thinking how it looked like a place straight out of a fantasy movie, and that could easily been a home to dragons and other mythical creatures. 

It was literally just as amazing as the images. The landscapes like nothing else, and the whole place dotted with white cottages and sheep. It was just magic. 

Late in the afternoon we arrived in the village of Staffin, where we would stay for the next three nights. The sun was just setting beyond the mountains, and that would be the last of it until the last morning. 

The following days were grey, but not short of beauty. We hunted down the dinosaur footprints, visited a castle, the Fairy Pools and the Fairy Glen, ate lunches in old pubs, watched a waterfall over the ocean.. we really did so much, it is hard to even recall it all. 

And on that last day, I awoke to sunshine reflecting off all the white cottages through our bedroom window. The cottage where we had been staying, had paddocks backing onto a cliff edge, with an outlook to the Scottish mainland. So I made a cup of tea, pulled on my wellies and climbed over the stile to watch the sun over the sea. 

Pure perfection and a wonderful sight for the last morning, and before the long trip back to Edinburgh.