Europe 2016 - Nîmes Part III - Jardins de la Fontaine

Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend much time in Jardins de la Fontaine (Gardens of the fountain), while we stayed in Nîmes. It is such a beautiful place in the city, built up the side of a hill, where at the top sits the Tourmagne, a Roman tower thought to have been a watch tower of sorts. 

On the first morning in Nîmes, we visited for a stroll in the sunshine. I took a few photos.. but not many, as I tried my best to speak French to the grandparents and understand it back. No small feat...

Europe 2016 - Nîmes Part II - Jardin de Route D'Ales

Quince - Coings , Apples - Pommes, Persimmons - Kakis, Hazelnuts - Noisettes, Figs - Figues, Grapes - Raisins, Walnuts - Noyers.

Is just to begin naming what is grown in the garden in the french family home, I haven't even begun to list what was growing in the large vegetable beds, from which Alain harvested les legumes - vegetables - for our dinner.

One afternoon during our stay, Jean and I took our books into the orchard, and sat in the dancing afternoon light beneath the grape vine trellis. 

I brought my camera too, in an attempt to capture the beauty of the moments revealed as the sun lowered in the blue sky. 

Later we played Pétanque and enjoyed post game drinks in the garden, of beer with grenadine ( a french sirop - syrup - made from grenades - pomegranate - ) and olives.