Old Council Chambers, Tenterfield

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I love seeing an old building rejuvenated and brought back to life. You can’t build something new and expect it to have the same feeling and ambience as something old.

Tenterfield, just three hours drive from Brisbane, is a favourite country town of mine to visit, my parents are also equally in love with the place.

When I saw that a new boutique accomodation had popped up last year on the Tenterfield scene, I was desperate to get there fast. Steve and Bianca, the owners of The Old Council Chambers have done the most amazing job of bringing the neglected building back to life.

We booked a weekend there in February, earlier this year. Myself and my husband in Chambers 1 and my parents booked Chambers 2 - so we were fortunate to have the whole place to ourselves.

Upon arrival it was like walking into a beautiful Pinterest board.


Both chambers were welcoming with huge bunches of fresh foliage throughout the spaces. Below is Chambers 1.

And below here is a shot of Chambers 2 and the outdoor area.

Planning a visit? Here are my hot tips for Tenterfield…


Please note, that all my recommendations come from my heart and are not paid for!

Bencluna Byron Bay

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I have said this before and I will say it again.

The thing I love most about this my work as a photographer is that I get to visit some pretty amazing places, and meet super amazing people at the same time.

Visiting Trudy & Seamus, the owners of Bencluna, a beautiful old home close to Eureka in the Byron Bay Hinterland, was the kind of job that was lots of fun but also good for the soul.

Bencluna is currently rented out as accomodation and was bought by this lovely family from Sydney close to a year ago. Whilst they bought it furnished, they are putting their own personal style into it, piece by piece.

So Trudy engaged me to photograph some updated corners around the house as well her ceramics and her three gorgeous daughters…

Web-hannah puechmarin-bencluna byron bay-interior photographer-4561.jpg
Web-hannah puechmarin-bencluna byron bay-interior photographer--5.jpg

Hand Built Studio is Trudy’s creative outlet, and she creates beautiful ceramics full of character and warmth. We worked together to put together some simple flatlays of some current products. Because each piece is unique and will be sold individually, I helped show Trudy how to use her camera to take her own product shots at home in the future.

I hadn’t photographed portraits in a long time, let alone kids! And Trudy was interested in having really relaxed candid shots of her girls being themselves, so as soon as I learnt there was a mulberry tree and tree swing for us to play with in the photographs I was at ease.

Thanks for having me Trudy, Seamus and family!