Postcards from the Blue Mountains

IG-blue mountains-0125.jpg

Blue Mountains?

As soon as you see it, you understand it.

A theory is that it is the Eucalyptus oil combining with dust particles and water vapour that creates the famous Blue haze.

In August I came across the opportunity to attend a workshop with Luisa Brimble. I had been wanting to attend one with her for years, and finally the stars aligned, and the workshop just so happened to be in the town of Lawson, in the Blue Mountains.

I had always wanted to visit so I couldn’t pass up the chance to make a road trip out of it and explore the region while I was there.

With my Mum to accompany me, we set off on the 8 hour drive from our Yamba apartment on a Wednesday morning and arrived in Katoomba just in time for sunset over the Three Sisters.

I decided to stay in Katoomba purely based on the fact that the cheapest non-dodgy-looking Airbnb that I could find was there. And it was very close to the Three Sisters.

The workshop went for two days, so in the few daylight hours outside of my time there we visited lookouts, drove the Mountain Drive and planned our Saturday, which was the day I had set aside for exploring.

I will share the results of the workshop with you another day, as the images that we took will be going into an Recipe E-Book for Lyttleton Stores (yet to be released). Keep your eyes peeled for that as there are some seriously drool-worthy scenes.

The Saturday was very windy and cold! But we didn’t let this stop us from exploring. First we fuelled up with breakfast and coffee in Leura, followed by a quick wander around the quaint Main Street.

Everglades, a house and garden owned by the National Trust was next on our list.

The garden was expansive and thoughtfully planned out. As our visit was timed on the cusp of spring we missed out on the blossoming trees, azaleas, rhododendrons and more. However we were pleased to be witness to hosts of daffodils and hellebores throughout the gardens.

Next we headed up the range to Blackheath. We had good word via Instagram that Govett’s Leap Lookout was worth a trip and it didn’t disappoint.

Whilst in Blackheath we stopped for lunch and a poke around in the antique centre and also visited a wonderful book shop.

We checked out a bunch of lookouts along the way before heading back to our cottage for a cosy night in before our trip home the next day.

Next time, I hope to stay in Leura and go closer to the end of September instead for their open gardens weekend.

We all know how hard it can be to find a decent meal or work out what exactly to do when in a new place. So below are the places we loved, and are definitely worth mentioning. Let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations to share!


Roses in the countryside

I have always put my sense of direction down to the fact that I have always taken in my surroundings on car trips.

I had learnt most of the street names that my family and I frequented, before I even had my learner's licence. 

On roadtrips, preferably in the passenger seat, my eyes are glued to the roadside, seeking large old trees on a hillside, most likely concealing an old homestead. Or perhaps spotting the signs for  towns we bypass, always wondering what Chatsworth or Eureka might just be like...

When I recently hit the granite belt with my Mum in the driver's seat, I became mesmerised with the late spring flowers on the roadside. Diligently, my mother pulled over as we returned past this spot I had seen on our way into Tenterfield where this wild and overgrown rose bush tumbled across abandoned railway tracks..