Stump and Co lifestyle photography

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Stump & Co, Brisbane based candle makers got in touch with me for some new images. Tegan wanted images that shared their making process - to help tell that handmade process - and images of their candles in beautiful spaces - to show and attract the kind of lifestyle they envision for their products.

These two photoshoots are good examples of different styles of lifestyle photography. The first is that candid, on the go kind of shoot that I love and the second slightly more staged, helping to evoke a feeling, and ultimately sharing how the product is used in every day life.

The first was an hour long shoot in the Stump & Co home workshop. Tegan and Luke mix the wax and scents themselves at home, testing wicks and bottle sizes. Luke creates the stump handle holders in the backyard workshop.

For our second shoot Tegan wanted a mixture of shots: Styled product shots and lifestyle product shots. Similar, but slightly different. She wanted clear shots of each of their stump candle holders, that would mix well with the wider lifestyle shots.

We shot this shoot across two hours on location in a beautiful home. I just walked around and placed the candle in beautiful corners of the shoot and then went around again and took the shots. Using a real home as the location meant we could create “lived in” scenes that felt homely without too much effort.

Keen for some lifestyle photography of your own? Get in touch!