Gaythorne to Glorious

I share a lot of my life and home on Instagram, but it always seems to be missed here on the website.

And so I thought I might do a little tribute to my Gaythorne home (where I rented a wonky and delapidated queenslander for 3.5 years) and my new-to-me Mount Glorious cabin (where I have been dreaming of moving to for a while now).


I loved living in Gaythorne. I grew up and went to school in the 4051 postcode. And so the familiar neighbourhood suited me; it was near my family and everything that I knew. We moved to our circa 1920s home in July 2015, a month before I married Jean.

It was a home that was filled with light and character, and as the years went by I wasn’t sure how I could ever leave. Unfortunately, because we only rented it, we could do nothing about the peeling paint and wonky nature of the home. It became unbearable to watch my beloved home crumble before me and so we had to leave.. but first we had to work out where to next.

We might be the last people to live in that house, as it now sits empty on land that is highly sought after by developers.

Mount Glorious

I grew up visiting the Maiala picnic ground on Mount Glorious frequently with my family. Jean and I would visit often together, he would birdwatch in the forest and I would lie on the grass and read books in the sun.

Moving out of the city has been something I have wanted to do for all my adult life, but being young I was not quite ready to move too far from my family, friends, and clients in Brisbane.

Something switched in my head last year on a visit to see friends in Sweden. I would wake up and sit on their deck, surrounded by forest and nature. And it suddenly all made sense and we decided that we would find some way to move to Mount Glorious when our rental lease was up the following January.

Upon announcing our desire to move to the mountain, a lot of people would say to me “but that is so far from the city” and “but you will have to drive so far to work”. And I would say, “exactly.”

Mount Glorious, if you haven’t been, is just 40 minutes from where we used to live in Gaythorne, and probably the closest rainforest to Brisbane city. We initially wanted to rent something, to “test” out the mountain life. But we accidentally fell in love with this little place and worked hard to make it happen over several months.

Finally we are here, and it is true paradise.