Postcards from Scotland

Edinburgh travel photography

Oh Edinburgh!

This was my third time to this beautiful city and country. However this trip was the first time I truly got to know the place better, and I am glad I did.

The whole trip was planned around a weekend celebrating a family occasion in the countryside town of Peebles. We stayed at Peebles Hydro which was a beautiful place to stay, and spent the Saturday walking with some family to Neidpath Castle along the River Tweed. This is where we stumbled across a field of wildflowers, which made me very happy.

We vowed to spend more time wandering around Edinburgh this visit. So I climbed Arthur's Seat for the first time, we visited the Royal Botanic Gardens for the first time, and we discovered the beauty along the Water of Leith. 

I am hardly the Edinburgh expert but here are a few favourite places we visited and that I recommend:

  • Arthur's Seat - for the most amazing view across Edinburgh and more

  • Stockbridge Kitchen - we went here twice for cake!

  • Water of Leith - a beautiful walk hidden amongst tall trees, with many birds and squirrels.

  • Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden - We loved the student plots

  • Dean Village - A very old part of Edinburgh that was terribly picturesque

  • Circus Lane - Instagram-worthy lane with climbing roses and cute doors