Postcards from Sweden

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While I have often dreamt of Summer in Italy or France, or Autumn in New Zealand, I had never thought much about visiting the Scandinavian countries.

We recently visited Sweden, and stayed with our wonderful friends, Beatrice and Jake of Stugan & Co, who live there in a forest outside of Stockholm. 

I met Beatrice through the wonderful world of Instagram in early 2015, when she and Jake lived in Brisbane. We became fast friends, working together on several creative projects. Since they moved, we have kept in touch and are lucky to know these two incredibly smart and creative people.

Visiting Beatrice's home country, staying with them in their brand new home they designed and built themselves, with their 6 month old son was something I will never forget. 

Our time in Sweden reminded me of the simple things I value most in life, and made us begin dreaming of how we can try to make our little life in Brisbane a little bit more like that... A home surrounded with more trees than houses, and more birds than cars.

One of our biggest dreams was to pick mushrooms while visiting. We were in luck when the weather brought rain just a few days before our visit, which meant that we were lucky to find small chanterelles growing in the forest just down the street from Bea & Jake's house. Bea cooked them up into a delicious pasta dish for us to eat at dinner.

We spent a lot of time walking and exploring during our stay. One of the local neighbourhoods was full of beautiful old homes and hosted an exceptional bakery with delicious pastries and breads.

I also loved exploring 'Old Stockholm' AKA Gamla Stan. The buildings were beautiful and an array of delightfully warm tones...

My favourite moment of my stay in Sweden was riding bikes down to the lake with Bea. It was late, after dinner sometime, and the sun was low in the sky. It was so peaceful. 

I can't wait till I get the chance to go back.