Cumquat Season - A Liqueur

cumquat liqueur hannah puechmarin food photographer

We didn't grow many fruit trees when I was younger, but I remember my parents planting cumquat trees, most likely bought from Perrott's Nursery at Enoggera.

Harvesting the fruit off the tree was exciting at first, until I realised that they weren't ideal for eating simply as they were. What was the point? I had thought.

And no, we didn't make marmalade... my parents would make cumquat liqueur from the fruit...

cumquat liqueur hannah puechmarin food photographer

After coming into the possession of 2kgs of cumquats last year, I was reminded of those jars in the kitchen cupboard, full of a dark liquid and orange fruit. So I asked Mum hunted down the recipe, from an old Women's Weekly Cookbook no less, and she sent it to me. 

This year I am making it again, this time I purchased the cumquats at my weekend farmers market from the man who plays classical music to his garden in Byron Bay. 

I have been telling enough people about this liqueur, and they show great interest, so I thought I might share the recipe here, and of course documented parts of the process along the way. 


Cumquat Liqueur

Recipe from an old Women's Weekly Cookbook

500g cumquats

2 cups white sugar

750ml Brandy

Prick your cumquats all over with a toothpick and put in glass jar with the sugar and brandy. Tip upside down every day for a month and it is good to go!
It could be lovely for a syrup on a cake, it is nice on its own, but also very good as substitute for triple sec/cointreau in a margarita!

Enjoy, and let me know if you make it, I would love to know what you think.

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