Tenterfield Commercial Boutique Hotel and Streetscape.


This was my second time in recent months to Tenterfield. It has really capture a piece of my heart and I think it truly has so many wonderful things on offer. 

One of these offerings is the wonderful Commercial Boutique Hotel on Rouse Street / The New England Highway. It captured my heart as I devoured a glass of Rosé and salt and pepper squid with my mother on the back deck in the warming November sun. 

This time, with both my parents and Jean, we coveted the leather lounge chairs, playing musical chairs untilthey became free and we sat awkwardly eating our lunch at the coffee table - but it was wonderful. 

Afterwards, while Jean and Dad went for a walk in the forest somewhere, Mum and I wandered the streets, gazing upwards at the beautiful old building fronts. 

The Town Hall and School of Arts buildings captured my heart...