High Country Table Tenterfield

I have come to an age where I have begun to think more seriously about my food and consumption of it.

Whilst I am not strictly vegetarian, in our house we consume less meat, and most of our food I like to buy from Charlie's Fruit Market or the weekend farmers markets. 

When I heard that Sommerlad Poultry in Tenterfield were putting on a 'High Country Table' dinner, I was quick to buy tickets as I knew it would be something amazing. 

The dinner was to showcase not only the heritage breed, pasture raised chickens, but also other local produce, pork and wines. 

I can't seem to put together how the whole thing made me feel - but if you are really interested, Shirley from Hand Sourced put together a VERY good article about the dinner and the chicken industry.. that I urge you to read.