Hannah Puechmarin - The Beginning

The makings of Hannah Puechmarin can be described as your quintessential Aussie upbringing.... 


A quaint weatherboard house with a big backyard, a poinciana and two younger brothers. 

We had Guinea Pigs (because in Qld you can't have rabbits), birds and a dog.

And I would be found with my best friends playing on the street and in the backyard cubby built from asbestos... 

I was brought up by a mother who has a conservative nature, flair for family history and obsession with vintage china, instilling these things deeply in me. And a father who was and still is very reliable for constant Dad-jokes and could compete in a national competition for owning the most pairs of RM Williams boots.



Holidays were spent not travelling overseas, but to the different states of Australia, camping in torrential rain in the Flinders Ranges and playing in rock pools with sea urchins, sea cucumbers and sea-squirts up and down the east coast.

And annually, we would make the trip to Yamba, always stopping for a Humble Pie along the way, and once there we would spend the entirety of two weeks sitting on Main Beach.

For the first 24 years of my life, I was Hannah McCawley.

And while I am still that person...  I like to imagine I have curated my style a little better since then (the pineapple salt and pepper shakers are lucky to have a place on my kitchen shelf). And I no longer resonate entirely with my old self..

Since marrying my high-school sweetheart, I have undertaken his surname, per tradition, and  this particular name, you might be interested to know, belongs to less than ten people that are currently left alive. Only three of us are in Australia. 

I have grown and am still on the path to "finding myself" however I want this journey to begin as Hannah Puechmarin....

And so, here starts the new era, of my work and my life. 


Welcome Aboard!