Open Letter to 2016

"Beauty gathered in the brightness of summer hours is best remembered in the quiet of the dark"

-Winston Abbott

Dear 2016, 

After the initial rocky start, we found our feet together and I made a transition to my married name for my photography business.

And in doing so, I feel like I made a good step forward in finding rhythm in my style.  

I have been trying to make a conscious decision to live the moments of my life -  not having to take a photograph of everything I do. Though, I realised that is where my joy in photography initially came from.

Those little things.

The cheap thrills. 

Some of my favourite photographs have been of my clothesline in the late afternoon sun, to the ones taken on little day trips here and there.

And so I am trying to bring the essence of that back into my work - not picture perfect, yet still the essence of what I think to be perfect moments. 

So thanks for giving me a good year of ups and downs - real life moments.

Cheers to 2017 being full of unperfect picture-perfect moments .



Mrs P. 

Photo by Jean-César Puechmarin

Photo by Jean-César Puechmarin