Europe 2016 - Chapelle St Gabriel et une Ville


We have this very cute photo of Jean and I, looking very young, aged 18, sitting on these steps. Huddled together, me wearing a crochet beanie Mum had bought me at the West End Markets. 

It was a favourite photo at the time, so it was nice to visit this Chapel again. 

As I climbed the stairs this time, to my right, beneath the old olives, were masses of daisies, white petals, yellow centres and glimpses of their pink undersides, all catching and reflecting the little slices of sunlight that was filtering through the clouds and olive branches. 


My goodness. I was literally in a living dream.


I can't quite recall my actions, as I quickly entered frolic mode and I imagine I must have hopped skipped and jumped my way through the trees with glee. Till I found the "perfect spot", sat and demanded Jean take some photos of me, daisy tucked behind my ear.

It came a time to leave.. how does one separate themselves from a scene such as this? Woefully. 

We then headed to a quaint little town that I cannot recall the name of for lunch. We ate at a restaurant in the town square. 

After lunch we drove to Les Baux-de-Provence and wandered this hill-top town with its buildings carved into the rocky slope. I didn't take many photos there as there were so many people! And sometimes, one must  live life without a viewfinder...