Europe 2016 - Ardeche, France

Jean's Great Grandmother grew up in Brès, Ardèche in this very house. It now belongs to Jean's Great Aunt and Uncle and they are slowly and tastefully renovating the gorgeous home that looks across the mountains and other local villages.

We visited a local restaurant for lunch, where they serve only local produce. It was one of the most amazing meals I ate in France. So simple and genuine.

We sat in the front room of the restaurant in the sun, washing down the best bread we had all eaten with Rosé. And as we ate, the family greeted everyone that came through the door, "Bonjour! Ça va?" and farewelled departing customers with "Bonne Journée!" with an occasional question of how the meal was. 

Now I understand where my father-in-law gets it from. Why aren't we more like this in Australia?

During our visit, the talk of town was of the mushrooms we call Porcini, Cèpes. It was getting on in the season, and still not many were to be found. Over the week we watched the price per kilo go up and up. At the restaurant they served us an omelette with Cèpes, but had to use last year's dehydrated ones due to lack of supply. 

So we took it upon ourselves to hunt some down. And found two we did! In fact it was me who stumbled across one, with just the cap barely showing through the ground. The family were very excited and I got received Bravo's and kisses as the story was told to just about anyone and everyone.