Europe 2016 - Nimes Part I - Route D'Ales

In the South of France, a town called Nîmes, is home to the family of my father-in-law. The majority of them live in a sort of Villa - a building built by Jean's Great Grandfather who came from Italy.

Most of the time, when pulling up in your car to Route D'Ales, as the home is fondly named, one must jump out of the car and open the heavy green iron gates.

It is then a 30 metre drive up the driveway, sided with tall trees and small hedges, till you come to the home, first greeted by a small fountain. To the left there are more gates, and a courtyard with access to some of the apartments. 

While most of the european plants are foreign to me, I am able to recall wisteria growing over a seating area above this first courtyard and can imagine the glorious scent in mid-spring.

The building is engulfed with a vine, growing up all three storeys, to the gutters. And at this time of year, was seen to be slowly turning red.

The home is built on a large plot of land, with orchards, vegetable gardens, and most importantly an area to play Pétanque. 

It is a serene tranquil home, placed in the midst of suburbia.