Europe 2016 - Drive through the Highlands & Over the sea to Skye


From Edinburgh, it is about a 6-7 hour drive to the Isle of Skye. However, that is if you can do it without stopping at all the amazing sights along the way. It was not only the Lochs and mountains that enthralled me, but the gate keeper cottages, bridges and stone walls.

We were lucky enough to experience sunshine on our drive and our first afternoon of Skye - and for an Queensland girl like me, I was happy to have the chance to play with the sunshine on these great mountains. 

I had once been through the highlands, seven years ago, where from the window of the tour bus I watched deer digging through snow on the hillside, to reach the grasses beneath. 

And though the snow was beautiful then, everything white and still beneath the grey clouds. The colour and texture revealed through the highlands on this day is next to nothing else I have ever experienced.


What is truly so amazing about the landscape, that while it it mostly without trees apart from pine plantations, there are still so many colours.. orange, green, grey, blue, purple...

One of the most beautiful stops that we made along the way is where I took the shots above. This beautiful old bridge being the main attraction. The last leg of our journey took us up and over a final mountain range and down to the sea to cross over to Skye...

There are a few crossings that one can take from the Scottish mainland to the Isle. We chose to take a little ferry. While we waited for the Ferry workers to eat their lunch, we bought locally made shortbread from the Honesty Box style shop in an old lighthouse.

And as we rode the ferry across to Skye, we watched seals playing in the bow waves.