Europe 2016 - Arniston Estate

Jean's Uncle Patrick is a mycologist, and seeing as Jean is currently filming a Documentary on Fungi, we went out on a mushroom hunt on Arniston Estate near Temple, Scotland.

Arniston Estate is a large private property, open to the public for walking trails through the fields and woodlands.. and it was just magical.

We parked our car on the roadside, near a gap in the fence. Bags packed with camera gear, and sewing basket masquerading as mushroom basket in hand. 

We crossed through the most beautiful woodland, down dirt trails, meandering, slowly, as Patrick and Jean upturned leaves and logs in search of fungi. 

Meanwhile I successfully identified a bramble hedge, and happily snacked on the berries.

I can't wait to return in spring one day, as I saw evidence of wild foxgloves at the end of their season on a hillside - I can only imagine the perfection they would have beheld.