#SeasonalBakingStyle: Mulberry Pie

Last month's Seasonal Baking Style challenge with Beatrice was "Foraging". A good month for her in Sweden with apple and plum picking! I was inspired by her visit to the orchards and mulled over what I could do.. 



The berry that brings back childhood nostalgia to many Brisbane folk of my age it seems. 

Red and purple stained fingers and chins. Even my childhood dog's white paws were stained as he patiently sniffed around the tree we had climbed. 

I will never forget my local mulberry tree that tragically stopped fruiting one year after the council chopped down its mulberry neighbour, on which it relied upon to produce the dark gems.

My husband and I are lucky to have found a fruiting mulberry on the bike track near our home, so late one Sunday we headed down to pluck and shake down all the mulberries in sight to create this pie. 



Mulberry Pie


Your favourite shortcrust recipe (or store bought if you are looking for a quick fix).

About 500g Mulberries



milk or egg



1. Make your pastry and blind bake, or begin defrosting frozen pastry. 

2. De-stem (is that a word?) the mulberries. I got a bit lazy and ended up chucking the last few in with the stems!

3. In a saucepan, place the mulberries with some water and some sugar... I kind of just guessed with the sugar until I was happy with the taste. 

4. Once Mulberries have broken down a bit, mix in some cornflour to create a thicker consisitency. Again I just added little by little till I was happy. 

5. Let mulberry mixture come to a cool temperature. 

6. Once pastry is blind baked in a pie tin, fill with mulberry mix and create your pastry topping, I did a lattice top. 

7. Use a little milk or an egg to brush pastry to help it get a golden colour when baked.

8. Bake until pastry top is golden and it is smelling wonderful!

9. Eat with cream or custard and a side of friends :) 


Make sure you head over and visit Beatrice to see what she made with her foraged produce!