Pen Y Llechwedd in Queensland Homes Magazine

I am not quite sure how I missed sharing this wonderful home on my website. So without further ado, meet the grand home of Nicole and Adam of Fernbrooke Homes

Kindly published in the Autumn edition of Queensland Homes, and exceptionally styled by my friend and partner-in-house-hunting-crime, Rachael Honner. Oh and of course, I had the pleasure of photographing it!

Ipswich has intrigued me for many years. Visiting often as a child and teenager with my parents, doing drive-by's past my mother's favourite houses. What I love most is that so many of the homes remain untouched, and when they are, they are respected and taken on a journey back to their former glory rather than made to be something that they are not. Which sadly is the fate of so many Brisbane homes. But let's save that debate for another time.

With favoured furnishings being more modern than antique, there is a lovely balance in all the rooms of this home. This particular shoot features wider shots than I usually prefer, however, looking back at them now, I know why....

From the moment I first step foot into the house I was taken with the press metal ceilings - a curiosity and love for them instilled in me by my mother (I am just like her, aren't I). In fact, the ceilings are often what I most love about old homes... the thought and detail that was once put into them, into an area most likely often overlooked. So let these shots consume you and draw your eyes upward to the most wonderful ceilings...

James Street Guide

Living Edge New Farm Brisbane

My year began with an exciting project.

I landed this gig to shoot all the images for the James Street Guide - a beautifully designed compendium to all things wonderful on James Street. It is hoped to be made an annual publication.

Emily, Nat and I patrolled James street over three days. Emily with her checklist and broad-brimmed hat, Nat wearing yet another pair of cool sneakers and me with my tripod and camera as I photographed 73 retailers in James Street beneath the summer sun and boy, it got hot! 

But the amazing results of this gorgeous compendium to James Street was worth it.

The James Street Guide has been made what it is with the amazing talents of The Copy Merchant and design by Oh Bubushka. Seriously these girls are amazing and what an honour to work with them.

I am so in love with the result - to get your hands on a copy, get down to James Street ASAP! Copies are stocked in stores all over the place. 

These are just a taster of my favourite shots.