The New Hannah.

 Photo by Jean-César Puechmarin

Photo by Jean-César Puechmarin

Oh hi... have you been looking for me?

I know I have been off the radar. 

But now I am back, and I am so much happier already than I thought I would be. Even without a weekly income and no idea of who is going to pay my rent.

This time I am back, better than ever before. 

I am photographing the same things as I used to - interiors, lifestyle, anything that is pretty or drenched in sunlight.

But this time it is also different. 

 Photo by Taylor Kezia

Photo by Taylor Kezia




What you probably don't know about me is that a while back I spent three years studying a degree in communications. When I got out of uni, and I didn't want to be stuck in an office 5 days a week, so I went back to my first love - photography. 

But in recent times I have begun thinking... So many times I do work for clients, and my images never see the light of day, or they are posted online all pixelated and I wonder how it ever came to that...

I want to change things. 

So now, I am excited to be offering social media management to my clients - putting to work all the skills and knowledge I have learnt from running my own business as well as running various aspects of social media for other businesses in recent years. 

 Photo by Justine Mcclymont or Bree Hiatt (Whoops!)

Photo by Justine Mcclymont or Bree Hiatt (Whoops!)


Here is what I am thinking...

  1. We create a game plan, and set some goals.
  2. I shoot some beautiful content in line with your brand.
  3. I put together a month's worth of posts using that new and gorgeous content.
  4. I will schedule and post them for you. 
  5. And then hopefully, we repeat!



Either way... It is good to be back!

If you still aren't really sure about what on earth I do, head over to the Services page!

A Purple Haze for Australian Traveller

hannahpuechmarin-jacarandas SAMPLES-30.jpg

With only 4.5 hours sleep I awoke and drove through the pre-dawn fog from Yamba to the City of Jacarandas.  

I met with Bree Hiatt and Justine McClymont just after sun had risen and they took me on a tour of the country town they call home. 

Having visited the region of Clarence Valley since I was a child, I had visited Grafton a handful of times. However this was the first time I saw it in all its glory - with its wide streets lined with trees, branches heavy with lilac blooms.

Jacaranda is season is almost upon us once again, and so our story, a collection of images taken that morning alongside the nostalgic words of Justine McClymont, have graced the pages of Australian Traveller Magazine

Head out and grab your copy to read the full story. Or better yet, see it for yourself.

WEB-hannah puechmarin-australiantraveller-7405.jpg
There’s something magical about a place that celebrates for the sake of beauty
— Justine McClymont

Photography Hannah Puechmarin

Words (in Magazine article) Justine McClymont

Creative Direction Bree Hiatt